About Certiphic

A boutique full of service designed to offer the best in consulting, project management and business in real estate.

We help investors and developers to achieve the best value of your projects and assets, offering high added value tailored designed to your needs and with the highest ethical and governance standards services.

Whatever the business segment is: residential, corporate, hospitality, logistics, industries, housing developments, education, hospitals, Certiphic is prepared to develop solutions aligned with customer´s needs.

Our ability to think strategically and implement solutions to the highest standards makes Certiphic a unique consulting. We work based on a structured approach that ensures excellence not only in the development of different strategies, but also in the implementation of new processes, methodologies and training of high performance teams. We have total control over all stages of the real estate cycle and more efficient support for decision making management tools.

Provide advisory and management services through highly qualified staff to assist our customers to meet their specific demands and build differentiators for their businesses, consolidating and improving its market position and credibility with its customers, enabling sustainable growth as well as its employees.

To be recognized by the market as a company that adds great value to the businesses of its customers, through competence, commitment and integrity of its employees, differentiating itself by providing innovative services with high level of excellence, systemic and strategic vision.

Customer focus of our actions
Provide with excellence groundbreaking solutions that meet the customers needs, respecting their individuality when formatting our services by using our global experience to foresee scenarios and mitigate risks.

We are committed in generating value to our company therefore we assume as our goal the guidelines from our customers. We are committed In developing each member of our staff, resulting in high motivation and reciprocity from our team. This is a strategic element to our success, reputation and acknowledgment from the market.

We act transparently towards our stakeholders, always demonstrating high standards of strategic governance. We fully respect the laws and codes, being faithful to our ethical guidelines which are reflected in our coherent and transparent actions.

Our leaders wield the reference power in its relationship with employees, partners and suppliers and are the main diffusion vehicle of our culture and our values. Transparence and trust are our foundations in creating a cheerful and respectful working environment which contributes to a just and equal society.

Respect the differences as well as experiences and opinions as to provide an all-inclusive environment, seeking a consistent and structured growth to perpetuate our activities and therefore create a new generation of employment and income.

The principles that support the vision and mission of the company and represent the company's commitment to its customers and employees as well as a corporate code of conduct. Commitment, integrity and excellence is the tripod that guides our actions and decisions.


Certiphic carries the experience of its founder, who for over 20 years worked in different positions from a real estate project, whether as a builder, manager or developer, all in companies recognized for technical, managerial and strategic advantage, namely, INPAR and Tishman Speyer.

Such experiences also allowed him to work with different market players, whether they are investors, developers, builders or managers, providing him a great experience and management capacity with different specificities and in different situations.

Another main point about this experiment concerns to the complexity of the projects, either by size, building system, term, clients, among others. They all represent major challenges overcome, performing quality and meeting the goals.

Below are some examples of these projects: