Our consulting services are independent and are intended to support our customers in accordance with their specific needs.

An independent vision and
high reliability available to
resolve your problem.

Fundamentally we seek to help them achieve their goals, which may be related to the increase of its profitability, the quality of its assets, reducing and / or mitigating the risks involved in their projects, among many others.

Our services are designed and tailored to both understand clearly their needs and we draw objective goals to be achieved.

Promote important changes in their way of management.

Through our leaders, we provide consulting work for our customers as an improvement tool and changes in their management models.

Understand the needs and goals of our customers allows us to design the best approach to consulting and advisory services, resulting in productivity gains, assertiveness and qualifications of its professionals, which adds great value to your business and the results of your company.

Knowing well, before buying.

We support to our clients in the analysis of existing assets, evaluating technical, legal and commercial risks all associated to the business, allowing greater security in their decision making.

Technical: Visual inspection of the asset and indication of possible structural, wall / ceiling / floor finishes, equipment and overall MEP testing.

Legal: Verification of the project approval with the municipalities and public agencies according to the specific codes.

Commercial: Evaluation of the asset, whether through a comparative method (verification of similar market offers) or by the replacement method, which includes the cost evaluation in constructing the same building, but for a new one. In these cases, its common to execute reforms and adaptations in the building, known as retrofits. We develop the complete construction schedule and budget in order for the customer to have the complete information regarding the acquisition costs and the lead time for the asset to be active at the market.