Program Management and Development

Our team has systemic vision of an enterprise, from acquisition to delivery, operation and sale of the asset, which allows us to manage all activities of the structured project, including strategic approach, design, construction, operation and disposal.

Our methodology provides security to our client throughout the process, since it will have visibility to all points of risk of the project and availability of information relevant to their strategic positioning when deciding.

Our goal is to offer alternatives that increase our customers financial feedback. We analyze the best way to amplify the profitability of project evaluating resources and positioning the product in the market.

Feasibility analysis

It covers a broad analysis of the basic parameters on the viability of a project, such as financial structuring, product design, cost analysis and risk, among others.

Our models are designed tailored to customer needs, giving them flexibility and confidence in their decision making.

Competitive intelligence

Search a different position in relation to competitors, where customers have a perception of greater added value in relation to their brand is a key point for the success of a company.

Our team helps our clients to create a brand identity, differentiating competitive market, the points considered important in customer perception.

Risk management

A comprehensive analysis of project risks to ensure its profitability.

Early identification of risks of a project can determine the successful implementation of mitigation strategies such risks.
The sooner, the better the chances that the impacts are reduced, both from the perspective of time as in the financial perspective.
We use tools that map and monitor these risks throughout the life of the project, bringing security and reliability to our customers.

Program Management, Project and Timelines

Processes and procedures that increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your project.

The process of project development and construction is a complex process, either by its multidisciplinary nature, the large number of different people and / or companies, as well as by its own technical issues associated to projects and works.

The use of procedures and structured processes is critical in managing these activities and determine the success or failure of a project depending on the quality as it is implemented.

Our methodology provides security to our client once that covers technical issues of the project performance as well as the management tools and monitoring of the process of development and implementation, whether in the term perspective, whether cost.

Client Representation

Our team at your disposal

We provide our team to act on behalf of the customer, representing their interests over a design process, so that the customer does not need to mobilize any team, but has access to all the information needed.
Our methodology jointly defines with the client a responsibility matrix that defines the obligations of all parties involved as well as the points of control, monitoring and decision, giving full transparency of services provided.