and Contracts

Proven experience anticipating
the identification of problems and mitigating
project risks.

The process of construction of a project, for many different reasons is extremely complex.

A lot of experience is required to manage many different activities, which are interconnected in the logistics, planning, technical, quality, among others, which, above all also impact on project cost parameters.

  • Logistics;
  • Planning;
  • Technical;
  • Costs.

An integrated management system of these aspects leads to a better cost benefit project.

The use of structured procedures and processes in the management of these activities should be further aligned with aspects of compliance, since the amount values managed at this stage is quite a huge amount.

Our methodology provides security to our client as it covers all the requirements associated to construction of the project and still has full transparency in processes involving contracts, measurement and payment for goods and services.

Lessons Learned

Always improve, making it more efficient and assertive.

Assess problems over a project is a key part in the process of improving a company.

Our services consolidate data during the development stages and construction of the project, the impacts and possible improvements.

Statistical data are analyzed in order to allow efforts to be concentrated on important items in process improvement.

Acquisition Stage
Assertive and reliable information by reducing the risks to the viability of your project.

Reliable cost studies are essential to the decision-making process, including in the early stages of the procurement process of land and / or assets.
Our methodology allows us to provide cost studies with high assertiveness and speed, even making use of only conceptual, such as mass study and briefing, providing greater security in their decisions.

Stages of Development and Construction
Your project´s costs under control from the beginning to the end, providing reliability in the projected returns.

For the success of a project, it is essential a rigorous and efficient cost control system, from its conception until its conclusion.
Our methodology can control project costs throughout its life cycle, anticipating risk situations and creating intelligent alternatives to ensure the projected returns.

Project design
The decisions taken at the project design stage can determine the success of your project.

Investing time and money in designing a project step may determine the future of it. misleading conceptual decisions can cost you dearly in the future, whether the incompatibility of the project to the market, whether for technical and financial issues associated to the design.
Our services work to cover the key aspects of the project design, mitigating relevant risks and acting in an integrated manner with the project premises.

Coordination and project supervision
A work of coordination / supervision done well can mean meaningfully savings for the project.

A work of coordination / supervision with low performance will mean future problems in the project, and what is worse, big problems. They can impact directly on reworks needs, therefore in delays of works and cost increases, without mentioning the quality of the project itself.

The use of tested and proven management procedures greatly reduce these risks, providing greater reliability for our customers.

Full cycle analysis
Analysis of complete solutions to enable the development strategy and implementation of your project.

Our team has extensive experience in the design, development and implementation of projects, whether simple or complex. We are able to study various alternatives for your project, taking into account technical, technological, logistical, operational, among others.

Our methodology, which provides relevant information to significantly assertively when on the moment of decision making will help you define the solution that best fits your needs, leveraging the profitability of your business and giving you conditions to have positioning differentiated in each strategic decision making.

Appropriation technology
Make use of specific technologies as a competitive advantage for your business.

The use of appropriate technology can make all the difference in the viability of your project, whether by its impact on time, cost or technical issues.
Our team has extensive experience in developing and implementing the most current and innovative technology already used in the construction market, guaranteeing us the know-how to make the necessary analysis and provide important information for their decision making.

Through our services, you will see an increase in the quality and performance of your business, reducing maintenance costs and improving the perceived quality of your customer.

Study in depth the planning of a work is to give it the possibility of incurring better decisions.

Planning is a key tool in the success of a project, since it is an in-depth analysis of the technical, construction and logistics of the enterprise over time, but without even the construction has begun.

Our work methodology is much more than creating a timeline bars. It incorporates tools for assessing in detail all of the project construction process, as well as monitor the performance of its implementation, giving us the opportunity to implement corrective actions in early stages.

Pursue the goals of our clients is in our DNA, without, however, compromising the quality of the product being delivered.

Use the competitiveness of the market in favor of your business.

For the success of a project, whether in the technical perspective, whether for financial, it is essential to have a market full of good suppliers, able to provide good products and services.

Our teams have access channels to the most important suppliers in the market, ensuring the best conditions in the management of procurement and supply processes.

Our procedures take into account the highest ethical and compliance standards, ensuring greater transparency and reliability to our customers.

Fast and complex work does not mean mismanaged.

Works called fast track are known for their high speed and complexity of design and implementation. Due to these characteristics, it requires concentrated effort in its management, resulting in major challenges within controls, cost, quality and scope.

Our management model anticipates the moments of decision-making through cost technical design and evaluation periods, which ensure us to predict in advance any project risk points.

Decisions thought and taken systemically still on paper.

We do a thorough, detailed and joint analysis of the conditions set out in design, cost impacts and planning, to ensure that all decisions taken during the development of the projects are the most assertive possible, minimizing any deviations during the execution of works.

This analysis also takes into account all the documentation generated in these steps as a way to support the construction of competition cases, ensuring lower risk of future litigation costs or deadlines.

Our technical know-how making your project more viable.

There are projects that have a level of unusual complexity for some companies, which ultimately require the search for technical knowledge to fill the gap.

With our services, you will have access to constructive concepts and technical solutions compatible with the needs of your project, resulting in mitigation of design errors and consequently in reducing construction and maintenance costs of your project.

Associating your brand with a high-quality standard.

Deliver a product with high quality standards can be the difference between creating a loyalty relationship with your client or not.
The quality of an enterprise is built into every one of its stages of execution, otherwise all the real issues are hidden under mortar, plaster ceilings, walls, among others.

Our procedures are designed to ensure the quality of the work in each of its stages, providing greater security to our customers and the quality of the final product to be delivered.

Know your customers in order to be closer to their needs.

Knowing what the perception of your customers about their products and services, the best way is to stay current with market trends and the direction of your company's needs.

Our services bring exactly this understanding to our customers through a structured research and statistics, which direct retakes the company's decision.